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AM1 lift controller

Dettaglio microcontrollore AM1 Thanks to fourty years of experience and development, AM1 is an electronic lift controller board suitable for both simple and complex systems with parallel or serial wirings. AM1 is built in compliance with UNI EN81-20 and EN81-50 standards and in respect to European Lift Directive 2014/33/EU.

IMQ Declaration of Conformity CE

IMQ approval for:

- EN 12015 (Electromagnetic emission)
- EN 12016 (Electromagnetic immunity)
- EN 61000-3-2:2000
- EN 61000-3-3:1995+A1:2001

Declaration of Conformity CE in accordance to annex IV and IX of
European Lift Directive 2014/33/UE.

LiftPro customization and diagnostic software.

Thanks to the removable keypad, system parameter configurations and fault diagnostics can be easily performed on the field. For a more in-depth analysis, AM1 can be connected to a computer with dedicated LiftPro software to monitor in real-time the status of the signals, change parameters, watch fault diagnostics and update microcontroller firmware.

Main features:

- Operating modes: single call APB, down collective, full collective, homelift, multi-car group.
- Hydraulics and traction lifts with easy management of main inverter models and electronics valves available on the market through dedicated sequences.
- Parallel, serial or mixed wiring of car and landing signals:
  • Parallel wiring (direct connection to AM1 without expansions):
    - Max 6 stops full collective
    - Max 8 stops down collettive
    - Max 12 stops single call (APB)
  • Serial wiring (max 32 stops in all configurations) with several serial devices available:
    - LCD serial display for car (black or blue background) with 32 customizable I/O + buzzer
    - LCD serial display for landings (black or blue background) with 4 output and 2 input + buzzer
    - Miniaturized serial card for landings (without LCD) with 4 output and 2 input + buzzer
    - Easy connection board for car roof with flat-cable to LCD serial display
    - General purpose serial module with 32 customizable I/O + buzzer
- Duplex operation with direct connection between two AM1 board (only 2 wire required). Direct management of APB duplex elevators. Triplex and quadruplex up to 32 stops with CM serial expansion card (the elevators can have a gap of up to three floors).
- Homelifts up to 8 stops (manual-operated, automatic or mixed).
- Up to three indipendent doors for each floor.
- Management of high speed elevators with up to 4 nominal speeds + slowdown speed.
- Integrated EN81-20 standard features (check of door contacts by-pass, light curtains fault, reset after pit inspection...).
- Self-monitoring of redundancys for Amendment A3 (brake microswitches, double down valves, NGV A3 valve) and protection against unintended car movement with open doors.
- Management of floors with several distances: short and long floors can be mixed in the same installation.
- Driving of third-party displays in several modes (positive common):
• one wire per floor
• seven segments
• binary encoding
• Gray encoding
• with custom serial protocol over one wire
- Full customization of lift parameters with removable PROG1 keypad or via computer with dedicated LiftPro software (password protection available).
- Easy microcontroller firmware update via computer.
- Fault diagnostics with 32 faults history list. Several faults type with manual or automatic reset.
- On-board help system to facilitate diagnostics of lift malfunctions (by supplementary codes that reveals the status of unexpected signals).
- Re-levelling and pre-opening operation with diagnostics of the correct working of safety circuit by-pass module.
- Emergency operation in case of main power failure with several working modes.
- Management of fire service operation EN81-73 (operation in case of fire) and Firefighters service EN81-72 with up to two recovery floors. American Firefighters and antiseismic operations available.
- Special operations: indipendent (only in car), extern priority calls (code blue), lifts without car door.
- Automatic, semi-automatic or manual-operated doors with direct drive of door motor or via door electronic operator. Management of door retiring cam.
- Timed nudging door command for light curtains malfunction in accordance to UNI EN81-20 standard.
- Automatic or manual power-on reset operation.
- Inspection operation in high or slow speed with stop on slowdown switches or at extreme floors.
- Installation features: easy mounting operations, automatic calls for test, overtravel test.
- Up to 9 underground floors or over floor zero.
- Car in use signal with on-board relay (fixed or flashing).
- Check of car movable platform up to three contacts (half-load, full-load and over-load).
- Timed automatic recall to a floor programmable.
- Management of car position information through magnetic switches (NC or NO switches).
- Up to two general purpose timers with relative I/O terminals.
- 13/14Vac main power, 12V regulated output for pushbuttons and auxiliary 12V battery-buffered output for serial devices powering.
- On-board 12V battery charger (with delayed detach in case of failure of main power supply).
- Safety chain voltage from 24Vdc to 110Vac.
- All inputs with positive common and led status (suitable to industrial environments 24V max).
- All outputs protected from short circuit without time limit (for industrial environments 24V max).
- Dimensions: 21 x 19 cm

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