AMCS Electronics started its business in 1978 working immediately to the design and manufacturing of electronic equipments for lifts. Still from the beginning the development of lift controller boards has been made with special attention to reliability and quality, characteristics that still today are at the basis of our products.

AMCS Electronics

In the following years the collaboration with several Italian lift companies allowed the realization of many ambitious projects and installations. Together with broad market simple installations, AMCS supplied electronic devices capable of driving elevators of high complexity.

The technological growth of the company didn't stop in the following years and in a market made up firstly by lift installations controlled by relay panels, AMCS Electronics improved its product range with a new and innovative lift electronic device managed completely through microprocessor technology.

This technology has been taken forward, extending it with many new features, one for all the concept of 'serial wiring'. The serial communication between electronic devices placed in different locations like car, hoistway and control panel and wired togheter with only three wires, was introduced already in 1985 with a dedicated hardware designed specially for noisy environments. The reliability of our system was proven from the beginning so much that today is a standard adopted by several companies.

With a thirty-years experience, AMCS Electronics constantly designs and develops new projects in order to be always up to date with new technologies. The study and research of new solutions and updates are an integral part of our work. We design quality and cost effective electronic boards and at the same time we ensures the highest reliability, flexibility and warranty to customers.

Main services:

- Reliability and quality:
All our products are manufactured and tested according to high quality standards to ensure maximum reliability and durability.

- Attention to cost:
From the beginnig of project designing we take care of both quality and costs ensuring maximum competitiveness to final product.

- Updates:
The implementation of customer requirements in very short times allows our products to be always up to date ensuring full integration in the national and international market.

- Customer assistance:
The constant collaboration and interaction with customer with particular attention to the needs and demands of the market is a cornerstone of our methodology of work.

- Flexibility and speed:
Particular attention is taken to the production needs of every customer. Maximum flexibility and quickness in delivery is respected for both small and large quantities.

Electronic devices for lifts, components for elevator control panels, lift controller boards.
Design, development and production of electronic boards for lifts.
Electronic systems with microcontroller unit for elevators and homelifts with remote monitoring and diagnostic.
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