AMCS Elettronica starts its business in 1978 designing and manufacturing electronic equipments for lifts. From the beginning the development of lift controller boards was made with special attention to reliability and quality, values that still today are the basis of our production.

Sede AMCS Elettronica

Thanks to the collaboration with some of the major Italian companies, AMCS at first develops a line of customized products and soon after realizes a standard product line accessible to everyone. In the early '80s, AMCS starts to use microprocessor units in its devices, this technology was then developed over years and expanded with many features.

The introduction of serial communication system between devices located in car, shaft and control panel was included in AMCS products since the mid-1980s. The reliability of the serial system, specially designed for noisy environments, was proven in the years and is still nowadays a standard used by many companies.


With fourty years of experience, AMCS Electronica is constantly searching solutions to keep its products aligned to normative and technological changes typical of the lift market. The study of new devices is always carried out with particular attention to quality and economicity in order to guarantee reliability and convenience to customers.


Reliability and quality
All products are manufactured and tested according to high quality standards to ensure reliability and durability.

Attention to cost
From the beginnig of our designs we take care of quality and costs to ensure competitiveness to final product.

Device update
The implementation of customer requests in short times allows our products to be always up to date and fully aligned to European Standards.

Assistance to customer
Collaboration with customers paying attention to needs and demands of the market is a cornerstone of our work.

Production flexibility
Particular attention is taken to the production needs of every customer. Deliverys are respected for both small and large quantities.

Design and development of electronic systems for lifts.
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